Anne Hinton Pratt
Meloncholy Melody
By Anne Hinton Pratt
Dancing slowly in the moon-light,
I can fill my body soar,
It's stirring up the many memories of our happy times before.
I'm remembering when you were near me, lovely as a symphony.
Now, instead of hearing laughter, I hear a melancholy melody.
Since you've been gone there is nothing the same.
You're missed more than ever, and no-one's to blame.
Please reconsider and come back to me. I need your harmony...
Gliding slowly through the moon-light under stars that look like lace.
If I close my eyes and focus, I can visualize your face.
I'm yearning for the revelation. that you will re-turn to me.
But my mind is hearing no-thing but a melancholy melody.
AH -OO- AH It's time for me to let you go.
I must take a little moment to come out of my reverie.
Now it's time to stop pretending with my melancholy melody.
It's just a melancholy MEMORY!

Lyrics Credits: Anne Hinton Pratt
Music Credits: Anne Hinton Pratt
Producer Credits: Bill Boushka
Publisher Credits: Bill Boushka
Performance Credits: Drew Boushka
Short Song Description:
A song of sorrowful longing, because of love lost. He gets his head together by the end of the song however.
Song Length: 2:56
Primary Genre: Classical-Romantic
Secondary Genre: New Age-Neo Classical
Tempo: Non 4/4
Lead Vocal: Male Vocal
Subject Matter 1: Sadness
Subject Matter 2: Heartbreak
Mood 1: Moving
Mood 2: Poignant
Language: English