Anne Hinton Pratt
Anne Hinton Pratt

I was so small when I was born that my mother was asked, "Why did you even bother?" I'm glad she did, although being her 4th child in less than 4 years,it must have been hard. I eventually had 6 brothers and a sister. Even though we didn't have much, my parents managed to give me piano lessons and opportunities to learn music, but I mainly spent my childhood climbing trees, fending off obnoxious brothers and dressing up like a princess.

After graduating from College, I began my graduate work, where I met my Husband, Elbert. I've always maintained that he is the PERFECT man, and he's never disappointed me. He was the inspiration for many of the love songs that I have written.

We have lived in Saudi Arabia, Tunisia, Chihuahua Mexico; El Paso, Tx; Monterrey Mexico, and currently, Alpine, Utah. Each place has allowed me to access new ideas in rhythm and lyrics as my opportunities have expanded.

In my adult life, I have had hundreds of melodies play in my mind day and night, until I can notate or record them in some way. It is the only way to make them stop. When I can get to a piano, the song usually just "plays" through me onto the keys. I consider this process of "hearing" and creating music a sacred trust. At these moments of creation, I feel connected to a higher source. Tapping into this spiritual energy that flows through me is one of the most joyous things that I have ever experienced.


I wrote 8 original songs for "DOMESTIC VIOLENCE: THE MUSICAL? which has had over 50 performances from 2008-2016,(many sold out)in Texas, Arizona, New Mexico,Hawaii and Japan. Many more dates and places pending.
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Wrote 12 original dance pieces in new album: THE NIGHT YOU DANCED WITH ME. One piece already performed by AFTER DAYBREAK on pre-Asian kick off concert tour, and danced by current U. S. Smooth Dance Champions/ April 2012.

8 of my love songs selected for "LOVE WITHOUT END" CD sung by Drew Boushka

Wrote an Award Winning Musical (Script and songs) called "Hijos de la Promesa." It was performed in Juarez, Mexico; Monterrey, Mexico; El Paso, TX and the Conference Center Theater in Salt Lake City, Utah, 2002-2010.

I've had my songs licensed in the US, Europe, and China.

Many of my songs have been featured in Women's Conferences and Non-Profit Organizations.

Many of my songs have been used in the Computer Gaming industry.

I won an international Classical competition with "Memories of You."

I have discovered that when I "receive" a powerful song, it isn't long before someone somewhere needs that song. It's a beautiful process! If you "need" one of my songs, let me know.

I will compose original music and lyrics; make sheet music, or arrange your melodies. Contact me.

Anne Hinton Pratt